about us

Xinglian group, founded in 2012, is a large comprehensive enterprise with first-class qualification for real estate development and the ability to expand the whole industrial chain. It is positioned as a "comprehensive operator of urban healthy life". The group comprehensively implemented the strategic layout of "one body, two wings and multi coordination", realized the comprehensive and coordinated development of diversified industrial sectors such as architecture and garden, kitchen and bathroom, hotel management and commercial operation, with real estate development and operation as the core business, intelligent property and medical health as the two wings, and its business successively landed in Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xinyang, Luoyang, Puyang, Anyang, Shenzhen, Haikou The city of Wuhan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu and so on.

In the process of steady development, the group has always adhered to the corporate mission of "Better City and healthier life", comprehensively implemented the development strategy of "real estate + health", continued to implement the first "h-lives health +" life value system of Henan local real estate enterprises, adhered to the high-quality customization route, and provided high-quality and diversified products and services, Create a better life for Chinese cities.

By the end of 2020, the group has ranked 145th in the sales of typical real estate enterprises in China, and has been stable in the top 10 of local real estate enterprises in Henan for a long time. At present, the group's overall asset scale has exceeded 20 billion yuan, has developed more than 30 projects and served more than 100000 owners; The cumulative development volume is more than 5 million m2, the land reserve is about 2.5 million m2, and the earth storage value is about 45 billion yuan; The repurchase rate and recommendation rate of old owners are as high as 80%. High owner recognition and appropriate soil storage scale are the guarantee for the stable operation of the company.

While constantly expanding the enterprise and creating social value, the group adheres to the concept of "public welfare Star Alliance" and "responsibility Star Alliance", actively builds an effective public welfare platform, continuously feeds back to the society in the public welfare fields such as ecological environmental protection, love student aid, development fund, disaster relief assistance and rural revitalization, drives more social resources to empower public welfare undertakings and makes public welfare services more warm.