Technology enabled community wisdom and enjoy life

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Science and technology are shaping a beautiful living form, and the comfort and intelligent service of real estate living have become a new trend.


The community is constantly moving towards science and technology and intelligence. Xinglian mango property complies with the development of the times, adheres to the concept of injecting science and technology into life, creates a smart community, uses scientific and technological elements to create intelligent human settlements, and makes smart life a new trend leading human settlements in the future.

With the accelerated development of smart city, community, as an important unit of the city, has become an important link of smart construction. Xinglian mango property, as the "Explorer" and "guide" of the smart community, and Hejun project has become the first stop for our company to build a smart community. In 2021, Xinglian mango invested more than one million yuan to build the first 5g smart community in Henan, build a digital and intelligent community management platform, realize integrated smart monitoring of the community, and provide 24-hour safe and convenient intelligent life for the owner.

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