Salute the traitor! Ordinary heroes move us too much

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Everyone living in Zhengzhou will never forget the two days of this year: "7.20" and "7.31". The disaster and epidemic situation trap us, but make each other's emotional distance infinitely closer.

Like every text practitioner, Fang Pingjun also wants to record the heart warming stories in this suffering process. Finally, 25 days after the disaster of heavy rainfall and 14 days after the emergence of delta virus, after determining the "green code" and "nucleic acid negative", I met Wang Wei, executive deputy general manager of Xinglian mango property in xinmango · Hejun Property Office.

That drizzly afternoon, as if in the rain, the memory of the "7.20" flood can be more truly understood. When I first met Wang Wei, I was moved by his firm service belief and sincere narration. From the current epidemic prevention and control to the efforts of Xinglian mango property owners to fight the flood in the heavy rain, the deeds of Xinglian mango property owners are vivid and imaginative.



During the rainstorm, the "garage defense war" was quickly sounded

"We always put 'satisfying the owner' in the first place. We always hope that the relationship between the property and the owner will be harmonious and happy." this is the most appropriate word Wang Wei summarized and described Xinglian mango property.

Referring to the heavy rain on July 20, Wang Wei described the battle stories of xinmango · Hejun one by one. He mentioned that Xinglian mango property is lucky to have emergency flood control bags. It is lucky that the key flood fighting 36 hours, Xinglian mango property people quickly saved themselves, implemented efficiently and worked together to keep their homes.

At the first time of the disaster, Wang Wei's new mango · Hejun project responded quickly, and all property staff such as security guards, cleaners and maintenance masters were on duty for 24 hours.

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