Big name hunting Zhengzhou property market, look at the new model of the rise of local real estate e

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 Big name hunting Zhengzhou property market, look at the new model of the rise of local real estate e(图1)

real estate tycoon once made a prediction about the future of the industry: "we are returning from a crazy era to an essentially rational era. Scale may no longer be an easy standard for evaluation, and unique ideas and scenes are the key to winning."

For observers who have been paying attention to the development of the industry, Xinglian group has entered our vision with its almost unique calmness and rationality. This consistently low-key enterprise is becoming a pole that Henan real estate enterprises can't despise with its own polishing of business philosophy, residential scene, industrial layout and product forging.

Open Xinglian's toolbox, and there are "real estate + health", "one body, two wings and multi coordination", "h-lives health +" life value system, "green, intelligent and healthy" product concept

There is light in the heart, not afraid of wind and rain. These concepts and resource layout are the booster and engine for star link to open a new five-year development plan, and also the most tenacious and reliable foundation for it to cross the industry cycle.


Thinking behind diversified playing methods and brand rejuvenation

Last year, Vanke said in the letter to shareholders that the "golden age" of unilateral and rapid rise in the real estate market has passed, and now it is in the "Silver Age", which is an era of more changes and more delicacy, a era of more fierce competition and higher technical content.

In other words, only those real estate enterprises that conform to the times and dare to seek innovation and change can occupy a place in the future.

On September 1, Xinglian group, a local cutting-edge real estate enterprise, released a new brand image:

The enterprise name was officially adjusted from "Xinglian mango group" to "Xinglian group", and its positioning was also adjusted from "green building products and healthy life service provider" to "urban healthy life integrated operator".